Unsefishness and the Business Owner, A Match Made in Heaven

Selfish MotivationWhy are you in business, or why are you thinking about becoming a business owner? What is your motivation? This is critical. Before you make the OneBoldMove into the world of the entrepreneur or before you open your company doors tomorrow morning, think about your motivation.

Are your motivations selfish? Are they centered around your own personal profit or pleasure?

People start and lead a business for a multitude of reasons.

What is Your Reason

  • You feel like there is a better way to do something and you can fill a void in the market.
  • You think you have a product that would be beneficial to society and you want to make a difference
  • You hate your job and naively think that owing a business will be easier and come with fewer headaches.
  • You have a maniacal scheme to rake in a ton of money.
  • You believe that business ownership is the natural fulfillment of the American dream, so you want to take your future into your own hands.
  • Or, a mixture of the above plus one of a hundred more reasons.

Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism of in the darkness of destructive selfishness. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Your reason is what it is, but I can tell you from experience that no one EVER did anything great by himself. Your success will ALWAYS require other people. One way some people achieve new customers is through getting help from a company who specialize in increasing brand awareness. Various pr agencies, such as NGP INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS, help new businesses to attract new clients by producing attractive content on their social media platforms. All of your clients will have personal needs, wants and desires and as a business leader you will have to decide how to balance these. A successful business will typically require employees and it will always require customers, clients, or patients.

Furthermore, a business will probably need a store. Some businesses like to have an online shop, as they feel it’s easier for them to manage their stock. However, this is completely up to the individual. If you feel that your products would be better sold face-to-face with your customers, then perhaps investing in a store would be the best idea. However, you’ll want to ensure that your stock remains safe, especially if you have it stored inside your building. Companies like INDUSTRIAL DOOR COMPANY should be able to help you install a secure door to lock your property. This is something that you probably wouldn’t have to think about if you sold your products online, but sometimes that doesn’t work for certain companies. You need to work out where it would be best to set up your company which will probably depend on the product or service you’re going to be selling.

What is a Business Anyway

Let’s see what the word business means. According to Webster, business is the activity of making, buying, or selling goods or providing services in exchange for money. Break it down:

  • Activity – an action, something done or to be done
  • Making – creating, preparing, assembling a good or service that is deemed to have value
  • Buying or Selling – exchanging something of one person or entity values, for something another person or entity values
  • Goods or Services – something necessary, something of value, that which fulfills a need
  • Exchange – a fair and equitable, mutually beneficial trade of a medium that is deemed to have value
  • Money – the typical aforementioned medium

By its very nature, business must be a cooperative activity. You have something, someone else wants it and you agree on a way to make that happen. Any other motivation will not sustain the activity. If the transaction is one-sided and guided by selfishness, it is not sustainable. If someone gets screwed, your enterprise will be short term. To prevent any unprofessional sales giving your company a negative reputation, it might be worth using one of the free sales funnel templates you can find online. These should help you see how a customer can turn into someone who is aware of your company to a paying customer. With the help of templates, your customers should experience a positive process that makes them want to purchase from the business. It’s important that the business works with the customer to reach each level on the template. Your business needs to be unselfish, helping the customer can sometimes result in rewards.

Selfish or Unselfish Motivation

So business is what it is but your motivation is your driver, your reason, the fuel that starts the business engine every morning and keeps it running until late in the evening. Your motivation will either be focused on what you can do, who you can serve, what need can you fulfill (unselfish) or it will be focused on how others can serve you, what you get out of the deal and how many people you can talk into giving you their time and resources (selfish).

Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live. – Oscar Wilde.

I have been in leadership roles my entire professional life. I have seen leaders come and seen them go. I believe that I have experienced just about every leadership strength and weakness out there. I have worked for and with a wide array of companies and organizations. I have witnessed such a wide range of motivations.

I rarely came across a leader who was solely interested in his or her own personal gain. However, they are out there. They typically do not last. Their selfish motivation and nearsightedness are typically not sustainable and they or their venture is typically destine for failure. The market weeds them out.

My Motivation

Late in 2008, at the depth of a bad economy, I made the decision to leave substantial six figure position behind in a company that I helped found to go out on my own and give this entrepreneur thing a fresh shot.

My initial motivation was that I wanted more control over my destiny. Even though I had a lot of autonomy, I wanted more control. The new venture was in the electronics recycling and information destruction industry. I have never been all that “green” or ecologically minded, however when I saw what was going on in third world countries, my motivation shifted.

There were tons and tons and tons of scrap electronics being dumped in developing nations. There were/are places in the world where it is abnormal for a child to be born normal due to the lead and other pollutants in their soil and water. I had a new motivation. I knew that recycling was a field that would produce income and I knew that it was a “good” thing to do. There was a benefit to mankind and I was motivated to do something about it.

Tell us about your experience. What are your entrepreneurial motivations? Why did you start your business or why are you considering it now? Your story will no doubt be valuable to other readers.