Damn You, Limiting Beliefs?

Every year I plan to plan for a better New Year. I plan to reflect on the year gone by and I intend on “intentionally” making the next much better.

Resolutions? Not so much. I have set them in the past and by January 7th they were a distant memory. I have always prided myself on being kind of a “shoot from the hip”, “type-a”, “git-r-done” kind of person and writing things down and going back to them were too confining for ME. READ MORE…

How’s that working out for you? Don’t ask!

A Better Mouse Trap?

I just started going through Michael Hyatt’s “Best Year Ever” course. You know… the one I paid for at the end of 2013 and didn’t even open! Yes, that one. Anyway, my mastermind group is going through the course and I’m the last holdout. So, under duress, I started it yesterday.

No time for limiting beliefs!

The first lesson was on “Believing in Possibility”. I started with determining what my limiting beliefs were. LIMITING BELIEFS? I don’t have any! I am a positive thinker. I brush limiting beliefs off like batting flies away from the picnic table.

“I don’t need a plan, I prefer to shoot from the hip… take things as they come”. Well as I look back on 2014, which was a pretty good year, I can see that shooting from the hip and taking things as they come, were two beliefs that have actually limited my progress.

I found that I have some other limiting beliefs:

  • I don’t have a lot of contacts in the DFW area.
  • I’m over weight and out of shape.
  • The people I need to reach are difficult to connect with.
  • Go-getters are rare and hard to find.
  • Infusionsoft is confusing and difficult to navigate

What’s next?

I believe what Tony Robbins says – “Your past does not equal your future”

I’ve had a pretty awesome past, but I believe that the future is even brighter. I will overcome these limiting beliefs. Now that I have identified them as “limiting”, I can and will overcome them.
As I look back at my limiting beliefs I can see a clear plan for conquering each of them. It’s going to require some mind-set shift but they will not hold me back in 2015.

I will write more about my progress as I chip away at these issues that stood on the hose in 2014.

In the mean time… can I tell you 10 things that I am truly grateful for RIGHT NOW?

  1. My wife is supportive of me.
  2. I am in relatively good health.
  3. I have a supportive family around me.
  4. I have a great support system. (mastermind groups/coaches)
  5. I have access to great mentorship.
  6. There’s a wealth of great information at my fingertips.
  7. My kids are all moving in a positive direction
  8. I’m going to be a grandfather in June, 2015.
  9. We’re back in Texas!
  10. I don’t have to shovel snow anymore!


  • Did you move forward in 2014?
  • Do you want 2015 to be better than last year?
  • What is your plan to make it better?
  • Is it written down, and dated?
  • Do you have a mastermind group or a coach to help hold you accountable? Why not?
  • What are some of your limiting beliefs?
  • How do you plan to conquer them in 2015?