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Lead like a Marine is a weekly podcast focused on helping Marines and other Service Members translate their leadership skills and abilities as they transition back into the civilian job market.  We interview those who “have been there and done that”.  Great stories of successful transition into the civilian marketplace.

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LLM 023: Rick Day, US Navy, Consultant, Coach, Entrepreneur, Author, Podcaster

LLM 022: Frank Frank Gustafson Unplugged… Free Strengths Based Coaching Offer  

LLM 021: Joe Crane, USMC Lt Colonel, Cobra Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Entrepreneur, Podcaster

LLM 020: Wanda Booth, US Army Major, Logistics, Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Podcaster

Episode 019: Frank Manzella, USMC, 2531 Field Radio Operator, US Customs, Podcaster, Entrepreneur

Episode 018: Sultan Camp, US Navy, Corporate Recruiter focused on Hiring Veterans, Transition Guru

Episode 017: Mark St Onge, Marine, Facilities Dir Univ of AZ, Student of Leadership, Father of US Veteran

Episode 016: Timothy Lawson, Marine, Embassy Guard, Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Veteran Advocate

Episode 015 John Lee Dumas, US Army Captain, Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Coach, Mentor

Episode 014: Brian Burger, Marine 0311, Scout Sniper, Mechanical Engineer, Entrepreneur

Episode 013: Mike Wolbrink, US Army Captain, Ranger, Veteran, Entrepreneur, Veteran Advocate

Episode 012: Dr Julia Dye, Author, Speaker, Publisher, Vice President and CFO at Warriors, Inc.

Episode 011: Philip Devine, Marine 0311, Asset Protection Manager, Licensed Minister, Speaker, Motivator and Podcaster 

Episode 010: Bob Wheeler, US Navy, Corpsman, Medical Recruiter, Blogger, Prolific Networker

Episode 009: Matt Theriault, Marine, Entertainer, Entrepreneur, Real-estate Investor 

Episode 008: Van Shumake, Marine 0341 Mortarman, Graphic Design Guy, Aerospace Industry

Episode 007: Richard Rierson, Marine, Major, KC130 Pilot, Certified Leadership Coach and Speaker

Episode 006: Stephen Michael White, Marine, 0341 Mortarman, Business Owner, Entrepreneur

Episode 005: Sam Nelson, Marine, Colonel, Helicopter Pilot, In Transition

Episode 004: John Millstead, Marine, Sailor, Police Officer, Entrepreneur

Episode 003: Claire Christison, Marine Advocate, Director of Recruitment and Human Resources

Episode 002: Bruce Johnson, Marine, Vice President of Managed Services

Episode 001: Introduction

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  • http://www.lisasaline.com/ Lisa Saline

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about the results of your hard work.

  • Country Claire

    FINALLY a Marine…..Civilian addressing the critical & core fundamentals on transition! I truly believe that those that have walked the walk… need to share the talk…. There are so many incredible things that the Marine Corps and Marines do; however, when it comes to that ‘bridge’ between Marine Corps and civilian employment… we need those that have WALKED/CROSSED and in some cases blown up that bridge and started over to SHARE how they did it. We will never hear that the Marine Corps brought in a private company to tell them how to take the hill and in that same line of thinking… we should never JUST allow Active Duty Marines to instruct how to cross that bridge from Marine to Civilian. I love the Corps and each and every one that serves; however, I love those that have walked the walk to share the talk!

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  • Efrain Sanchez

    Recently discovered your podcast, outstanding work! Your work is the light at the end of long crazy tunnel, the advice and stories are inspirational. I’m just a few months shy of hanging my uniform up for the last time and the stress of leaving that behind and starting a new life is the scariest thing I can imagaine. So thank you brother for what you do, Semper Fi!

    One think I did want to back you up on and it’s been my mantra for the last 4 plus year is, as a Sergeant if I can’t do it, it can’t be done.

    Carry one brother.

    • http://OneBoldMove.com/ Frank Gustafson

      Efrain! Semper Fi brother and thank you for your service to this great Nation! If there is anything I can do to help you in your transition, please reach out to me (frank@frankgustafson.com). I’d be happy to talk about your situation, options, ideas and strategies if you like! – Thanks for listening to the podcast… please help me spread the word! I’d like for EVERY Marine out there to listen to at least one episode. – Here to help brother, if you need anything!!

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  • Lee

    Thank you for a very powerful podcast. The topics you covered in episode 7 were particularly relevant to my current situation as a transitioning C-130 pilot. I now consider this a must-listen-to program.

    • http://OneBoldMove.com/ Frank Gustafson

      Thank you for the kind words Lee, and thank you for your service brother!. I am glad you got some value out of the podcast. Richard Rierson is a great guy and I am sure that if you wanted to connect with him he’d be glad to help in any way he can. I’d be happy to make the introduction if you’d like.

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