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Lead like a Marine is a weekly podcast focused on helping US Service Members translate their leadership skills and abilities as they transition back into the civilian job market.  We interview Veterans who “have been there and done that”.  Great stories of successful transition into the civilian marketplace. – Enjoy!!










LLM 058:  Darryl Lyons, Author, Small Business Big Pressure, Veteran Advocate

LLM 057: Chris Kennedy PHD, US Navy Pilot, Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur

LLM 056: Change?

LLM 055: Patrick Clark, USMC, CEO, Radio Host, Veteran Advocate, Coach and Mentor

LLM 054: Steve Kauffman, US Air Force Retired, , CEO, Innovator, Entrepreneur

LLM 053: Steve Tessler, US Navy Senior Chief, Fire Fighter, US Postal Service, Coach, Podcaster

LLM 052: Earl Breon, USMC, Program Leader, Writer, Trainer, Coach, Mentor, Speaker

LLM 051: Constantine Arzate, USMC, USAF, Army, “Leadership Gone Rogue” Podcast

LLM 050: Scott Mann, US Army Green Beret, Entrepreneur, Military Family Advocate

LLM 049: Todd Cocherane, US Navy Veteran, Entrepreneur and Podcast Veteran

LLM 048: Mike Haire, US Air Force, Active Duty preparing for Transition

LLM 047: James Woosley, US Air Force, Project Manager, Entrepreneur, Author, Podcaster

LLM 046: Frank Gustafson Unplugged – a State of The Podcast Episode 

LLM 045: Chad Grills, US Army Infantry Veteran, Entrepreneur, Author, Podcaster

LLM 044: Bob Wheeler, US Navy, Corpsman, Recently Transitioned into Staffing, Prolific Networker

LLM 043- Todd Hulsey, USMC Retired, Attorney, FBI, US Customs Service

LLM 042: Chris Samples, Transitioning US Army Special Forces, Entrepreneur 

LLM 041: Jason Stapleton, USMC,  Entrepreneur, Professional Training & Coaching

LLM 040: Sean McIntosh, US Navy SEAL, Passionate Entrepreneur, Veteran Advocate

LLM 039: Justin Sloan, USMC, Cryptologic Linguist, Martial Arts Instructor, Award Winning Writer

LLM 038: William “Bill” Nowicki, USN, Electrical_Nuclear Engineer, Leader, Podcaster, Entrepreneur

LLM 037: Michael Wayt, USMC, USAF, MBA, Project Manager

LLM 036: Paul Riedner, Army Deep Sea Diver, Innovator, Story Teller, Iraq Veteran

LLM 035: Matt Spencer, Marine Active Duty Master Sergeant, Career Planning and Professional Development:

LLM 034: Frank Gustafson, Transition Course Announcement

LLM 033: Dennis Davis (part 2), US Air Force, US Navy, Author, Film Maker, Transition Expert

LLM 032: Dennis Davis (part 1), US Air Force, US Navy, Author, Film Maker, Transition Expert 

LLM 031: Lisa Cummings, Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Personal and Career Development

LLM 030: Mike Sutton, USMC 2171 TOW Missile Tech, Entrepreneur, Coach and Podcaster

LLM 029: Jeff Gonzales, US Navy SEAL, Entrepreneur, Leader, Trident Concepts

LLM 028: Ron Fugle, US Army Veteran, Tank Crewman, Entrepreneur, Fire and Adjust Podcast

LLM 027: Steve Hoeft, USMC, Forward Observer, Sales and Business Coach, Veteran Volunteer

LLM 026: Marvin James, Marine, Husband Father, Substance Abuse Counselor and Author

LLM 025: Todd Utersteadt, US Army Veteran, Entrepreneur, Executive Coach

LLM 024: Erik Therwanger, US Marine, Entrepreneur, Author Speaker, Trainer and Coach

LLM 023: Rick Day, US Navy, Consultant, Coach, Entrepreneur, Author, Podcaster

LLM 022: Frank Frank Gustafson Unplugged… Free Strengths Based Coaching Offer  

LLM 021: Joe Crane, USMC Lt Colonel, Cobra Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Entrepreneur, Podcaster

LLM 020: Wanda Booth, US Army Major, Logistics, Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Podcaster

LLM 019: Frank Manzella, USMC, 2531 Field Radio Operator, US Customs, Podcaster, Entrepreneur

LLM 018: Sultan Camp, US Navy, Corporate Recruiter focused on Hiring Veterans, Transition Guru

LLM 017: Mark St Onge, Marine, Facilities Dir Univ of AZ, Student of Leadership, Father of US Veteran

LLM 016: Timothy Lawson, Marine, Embassy Guard, Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Veteran Advocate

LLM 015 John Lee Dumas, US Army Captain, Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Coach, Mentor

LLM 014: Brian Burger, Marine 0311, Scout Sniper, Mechanical Engineer, Entrepreneur

LLM 013: Mike Wolbrink, US Army Captain, Ranger, Veteran, Entrepreneur, Veteran Advocate

LLM 012: Dr Julia Dye, Author, Speaker, Publisher, Vice President and CFO at Warriors, Inc.

LLM 011: Philip Devine, Marine 0311, Asset Protection Manager, Licensed Minister, Speaker, Motivator and Podcaster 

LLM 010: Bob Wheeler, US Navy, Corpsman, Medical Recruiter, Blogger, Prolific Networker

LLM 009: Matt Theriault, Marine, Entertainer, Entrepreneur, Real-estate Investor 

LLM 008: Van Shumake, Marine 0341 Mortarman, Graphic Design Guy, Aerospace Industry

LLM 007: Richard Rierson, Marine, Major, KC130 Pilot, Certified Leadership Coach and Speaker

LLM 006: Stephen Michael White, Marine, 0341 Mortarman, Business Owner, Entrepreneur

LLM 005: Sam Nelson, Marine, Colonel, Helicopter Pilot, In Transition

LLM 004: John Millstead, Marine, Sailor, Police Officer, Entrepreneur

LLM 003: Claire Christison, Marine Advocate, Director of Recruitment and Human Resources

LLM 002: Bruce Johnson, Marine, Vice President of Managed Services

LLM 001: Introduction