TLB 024 Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port

Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port, (Second Edition, Revised & Expanded) The fastest, easiest and most reliable system for getting more clients than you can handle, even if you hate Marketing and Sales!

Hey, Frank Gustafson here with The Leaders Bookshelf, and this is episode number 24. First and foremost, I want to apologize to my loyal listeners of The Leadership Bookshelf podcast because I have been tied up in one book for about the last 3 or so weeks. Now my intention and my promise, when I very first started this podcast on January 1st, was to read a book a week and put out an episode each and every week for a brand-new book. I haven’t put out an episode in about 3, almost 4 weeks now.
Now in fairness, this is episode 24. We’re just finishing the 25th week of the month, so I’m still pretty close, but I want to tell you about the book that I just read, and I was stuck in this book for about 3 weeks. Not because it’s a tough book to get through and not because it was boring or anything. I had this book in my hand every single day. It’s called, Book Yourself Solid, second edition, revised and expanded, by Michael Port. The subtitle is, The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Reliable System for Getting More Clients Than You Can Handle Even if You Hate Marketing and Selling. What an awesome book this was. There are so many things in this book.

The reason that I didn’t get through it as fast as I wanted was really because there’s so much great information in this book, and the way that Michael Port does this thing is he gives you some information, gives you some nuggets, gives you some amazing knowledge. Then, right after that paragraph, he hits you with kind of an assignment or “to do” to make sure that you’re implementing all of the things that he’s teaching in this book. Great book.

Now the book itself, right, has also has a … There’s really 2 ways to consume this information, and then there’s a third way that I want to tell you about as well with the book itself Book Yourself Solid. Then, there’s also an illustrated version of Book Yourself Solid, which has basically the same information. It’s just in a more illustrated format. The third way, or the kind of the add-on thing, is there’s also an app for your iPad that you can use to kind of go through all of these different lessons and things. All 3 of these things are absolutely fantastic. I loved this book. Who doesn’t want more clients? Who wouldn’t love to book themselves solid? Right? Who wouldn’t love that?

Let me walk you through this book. The book kind of starts with building a foundation. Why do people buy what you’re selling? Why do they want to deal with you? Why do they want to do business with you? How do you become someone that people know, like, and trust? Right? That is so important when you want to book clients, when you want to book yourself solid, when you want to increase your revenue. So important. Then there’s develop your personal brand. This is all kind of the first section of the book. Falls under building a foundation, building a foundation for what it is that you do. Then the next piece is build trust and credibility and that kind of gets in more into that piece about people wanting to do business with people that they know, like, and trust and really be able to build that trust and that confidence and that credibility in your marketplace.

The next piece is it’s called simple selling and perfect pricing. What Michael does in the book is he gives you, walks you through a strategy, a simple selling strategy, and then talks about how to really price your product. I know of the folks that I talk to and the folks that I deal with a lot in this market space, always talk about, “I don’t know how to price my product. How do I price my product? How do I put the product out there at the right price that’s going to attract the attention of the buyers?” In the last piece of the book, he goes through his 7 core self-promotion strategies. The Book Yourself Solid 7 Core Promotion Strategies.

Let me tell you what those are. Number 1 is your networking strategy. Then you’ve got your direct outreach strategy, your referral strategy, your speaking strategy, your writing strategy and your web strategy. Michael Port walks through this. This book is about 325 pages or so, and I tell you I have almost literally almost every page in this book has got things that are underlined and things that are highlighted. I probably have out of 325 pages, I probably have about 100 or so pages that are dog-eared because it’s such great information. This is a reference book to go back to.

I highly recommend that you grab yourself a copy of Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port, whether it is the book itself or whether it is the illustrated edition. Either way, you won’t be disappointed in the information that you get. All right, there’s episode number 24. I’ve got a great book coming up on episode number 25. It’s a book that I read about 20 years ago by a guy named Frank Bettger. You’re going to absolutely love this book when you read it. All right, hey, until next time, keep turning those pages.

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