TLB 027 The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, by John C Maxwell

Personal growth is an individual thing, but the Laws of Growth are universal. Do you have a personal growth plan? Use these 15 Laws of Growth take OneBoldMove and create one. Enjoy John C Maxwell’s – 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

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Hey. Frank Gustafson here with the The Leaders Bookshelf, and I just finished reading John Maxwell’s 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. Books that you can’t just read it one time. I’ve got probably three or four copies of the book, and it’s funny, because I keep going back to the book and after I read it, I compare this one that I read versus one that I read earlier, and a lot of the things that I underline and highlight are in totally different places and different things.

I think that that’s just a function of, well, it’s a function of growth. It’s a function of perspective. Right? I love this book. I really love this book. I love a lot of the stuff that John Maxwell does, but this is really a powerful book. This is the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, and I really believe that growth is so incredibly important. Who wants to just stagnate in life? We all want to grow. We want to get farther. We want to do more things. We want to help more people. We want to really take our lives to the next level.

John’s book talks about these 15 laws, and I just want to tell you what they are real quick. There’s the law of intentionality, the law of awareness, the law of the mirror, the law of reflection, the law of consistency, the law of environment, the law of design, the law of pain, the law of the ladder, the law of the rubber band, the law of trade-offs. Ooh, I’ve had a lot of those. The law of curiosity, the law of modeling, the law of expansion, and the law of contribution.

I really believe that growth, it’s really an individual thing, but the principles involved in growing and growing yourself are really … they’re universal. The principles are universal, the laws are universal, and I think that you can apply these 15 laws in just about any area of your life where you want to take things to the next level.

The book really meant a lot to me. The last book that I read, if you listen to that episode or watch that episode, was about the book One Word That Can Change Your Life, or that Will Change Your Life. One of the words that I’m really working through actually came up in this book, and as I was contemplating and going through the process from the previous book, this word just kept popping up. In fact, it popped up in the very first law, the law of intentionality. Then I was sitting there, as I was reading the book, I was sitting there in the living room talking to my wife, and really talking about maybe what my word might be and really being open to some guidance and open to some of her wisdom, for sure.

I look over on my nightstand, or not on my nightstand, but on the stand next to my chair there in the living room, and I’d just gotten a brand new John Maxwell book, one that I pre-ordered that came in, and I can’t wait to dig into this one, but it’s the law of intentional living. This is John’s latest book. The cool thing was the word that I’m working on is being intentional for the next year, and it pops up in the first chapter of this book, it pops up in the title of the book that I just got. I really believe that intentionality is so incredibly, incredibly important.

As I went through, I was contacted to do a keynote for a dinner, and I wanted to do something on the law of the 15 laws, because I’m working on potentially putting together a mastermind on this. This person asked me to come and speak regarding how to growing your business as a business owner who speaks. Using speaking as a tool to grow your business. I really keyed in on this law of intentionality, and there’s some gaps that keep you from being intentional in your life, and John really talks a lot about those gaps. There’s eight of them, the assumption gap, the knowledge gap, the timing gap, the mistake gap, the inspiration gap, the comparison gap, the expectation gap.

I really found myself, as I was going through that really digging in to understanding what has held me back potentially here over the last several years at least, and this really, really resonated with me. It really rang true with me. I would encourage you, if you’ve got any kind of desire to grow and to take your life to the next level or take your business to the next level, or take whatever it is that you do, take a hobby, take whatever it is that you do to the next level, I would encourage you to grab a copy of John Maxwell’s 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. They’re universal laws, they’ll work with just about anything it is that you’re doing, that you’re working on, that you want to grow on.

In closing, I think that you really have to understand what your purpose is, you have to understand what it is that you want to communicate, you’ve got to understand, as a business owner, who it is that you want to communicate with and how you want to communicate with them, and then you have to go back to your personal growth plan. If you don’t have a personal growth plan, get the books, set yourself up in a personal growth plan, and you have to go back and you have to answer those four questions. What is my purpose? What is it that I want to communicate? Who do I want to communicate it with? How do I want to communicate it? You have to answer those four questions with your personal growth plan.

I highly encourage you to check this book out. If you have it, if you’ve read it before, dig it out and read it again. If you’ve never read it, go to Amazon, go to Barnes & Noble, wherever it is that you go, get the Kindle book, whatever it is that you do to consume this kind of information, and grab a copy of John Maxwell’s 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.

Hey, until next time, keep turning those pages, we’ll see you in the next episode.

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