Knowledge is Power, No the Application of Knowledge is Power

Knowledge, Wisdom, EnthusiasmAs a leader your knowledge will be constantly tested.  The great thing is that you don’t have to know everything.  The things that you do know that are marketable and in demand will be the differentiation between you and your competition.  Take what you know, areas of your greatest strength, and focus on increasing your value every day.

They say that knowledge is power… Meh… could be, but not always.

They also say, and I agree that leaders are readers.  Study constantly.  Make yourself an industry leader, an expert the go to person in your field.  Your knowledge plus experience over time brings wisdom.  Wisdom is a powerful mojo that they can’t teach you at Harvard Business School.

Get Paid for Your Knowledge

Getting paid for what you know is a winning formula.  If you have a skill  that is desirable in the marketplace you will never go hungry.

I don’t know about you, but I HATE to paint.  I can do it, sort of, but I can’t stand to do it.  I know that If I die and (God forbid) wind up in hell, Satan will hand me a paintbrush and make me paint the place, over and over and over again, for eternity.  When I need painting done, I ask a trusted friend for a referral and hire the expert to do his thing.

That scenario goes for just about everything that can be done.  Web design, carpet cleaning, shipping and receiving, electrical work, delivery service, making donuts, accounting… name it, it can be hired out.  What special skills does your business have?  Are there areas where you can expand or services that you can add to diversify your organizations port folio into other creative industries?

Enthusiasm + Knowledge

I will almost always take enthusiasm and creativity over knowledge.  However, when the two are paired, it’s combination that is hard to beat!  Give me someone who has the enthusiasm and creativity to get a task done and I can teach him the task.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. – Albert Einstein

A warehouse manager named Sean once was not terribly outwardly enthusiastic.  He mostly kept his enthusiasm to himself.  It was there and it would pop out on occasion.  He was however, creative and can-do oriented.  If he did not have the knowledge to accomplish a task, he would take it upon himself to seek out the information necessary to accomplish his mission.

I wish I had a nickle for every time someone told me that they wished they had a guy like this on their team.  He took his creativity and enthusiastically sought out the knowledge.  A great guy to have on your side!

Personal and Professional Growth

The cool thing about knowledge is that you can take all you can get and there’s still room for more.  Studying and learning should be a life-long pursuit.  When we quit learning we might as well just quit all together.

The key to learning is desire.  You can try to force your team to learn something new, but if they are resistant, it won’t stick.  If personal and professional growth is essential to the success of your organization and you have a team member who rebels, it is time for a new team member.  You can’t make someone strive to learn and grow, you can only encourage them.

Knowledge acquired under compulsion obtains no hold on the mind – Plato

I can only speak for myself, but personal and professional growth can never be underestimated.  I have not always been a reader, but I can tell you that reading has changed my life.  Seeking knowledge and understanding are keys to growth.  I am constantly studying.  At this particular time in my life, I study a minimum of 5 hours every week day, sometimes more.

This studying comes in the form of reading books, blogs and anything else I can find in the areas where I personally need to grow to take my endeavors to the next level. I am currently enrolled in 6 paid online classes.  These classes relate to my desire to build an online tribe, write a book and  launch a podcast to name a few.  I am willing to do what most people are not so that I can reach my personal and professional goals.

What are you doing now to take your life, business or “what ever” to the next level.  Please share with your fellow readers in the comment section below.