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Entrepreneurial Talent – Confidence

Confidence, do you have it? If not, you may want to stick with the 9 to 5. Just sayin.

Welcome to the third article in the “Hole in Your Boat” series. “Hole in you boat” is a euphemism for an Entrepreneurial Blindspot. All business owners have a hole or two or three in their entrepreneurial boat.

Gallup has determined that there are 10 critical Entrepreneurial Talents that every business owner needs to have or account for if they intend to grow and sustain a business. We have already covered Business Focus. Now we come to Confidence.

But first here’s the entire list… for your review

This list is backed by 70+ years of Gallup research, through tens of thousands of interviews with business teams, leaders, managers and business owners. Including coaching sessions with many thousands of these same folks.

From my 30+ years of executive leadership and entrepreneurship, this list sums it up nicely for me. When I was introduced to the list and the science behind it, it was like a HUGE lightbulb went on in my head. Dig in and study this series of articles, you’ll be glad you did.

Now back to Confidence. If you would like to get a confident look then keep reading the article.

Here’s how Gallup defines Confidence.

Confidence – People who are especially talented in the confidence talent are keenly aware of their abilities. They harness this awareness to take quick and decisive action. They seize opportunities knowing they will succeed and use their talents to persist in the face of uncertainty and failure.

The Power

For the business owner, it’s Confidence that keeps you going. It’s fuel to the fire in your gut that brings the heat when everything around you grows cold and dark. It gets you up in the morning when everyone else around you is shoveling doubt on your dream.
Confidence is what spurs you to try something new. To bring on a new product line, to launch a new service. Why, because “I’m Confident that it’s the right thing to do”.

Where ever you go as the captain of your enterprise, keep your best friend right by your side, his name is Confidence, and you’ll need him early and often!

Confidence Is this You?

  • Do you have a good understanding of “self”, and do you present yourself with confidence?
  • Do you have a knack for influencing others?
  • Do you feel like you are action oriented? Are you one who takes initiative?
  • Are you convinced that success is the only option?
  • Do you face challenges and setbacks with a steely resolve to overcome them?
  • Are you one who recognizes opportunities when others see problems?
  • Are you the one who tries to convince others in their abilities to succeed?
  • Is “ACTION” one of your favorite responses to just about anything?

Ask Yourself

  • How would you put your Confidence talent into your own words?
  • How do you believe your Confidence talent helps you?
  • When was the last time you used your Confidence talent? What was the result?

Personal Application

[guestpost]Our company had been in business for, going on 16 years and business was GREAT! We started in 1993 with five of us. We worked hard to grow the business from ZERO to almost a quarter of a billion dollars in revenue and around 500 employees. This was a great success by anyone’s standard.

I was burned out. I felt like I had been filling my bank account and emptying my soul for quite a few years. So I QUIT! I left behind an industry that I had grown up in. One that I knew like the back of my hand. Twenty Three years of blood, sweat and tears! And lots of awesome pay-days!

Remember the dark shadow that hung over 2008, 2009… and the years that followed. Many would say that this was a good time to hunker down and hide under the security of a steady paycheck. To take refuge in a solid and stable company that showed much promise on the horizon. Not this kid!

I left that company and went out to start a brand new business, from scratch, in an industry I knew VERY little about. All I had was a few shekels in the bank and a truck load of Confidence! I answered every question above with a very Confident, “YES”. And many of them with a “Hell YES”![/guestpost]

Confidence Lacking?

For Business Focus and several of the other critical talents, I’d say, “That’s ok, I have a way around that. As a business owner, you have several great options.” But Confidence, that’s an uphill battle. I’m not saying you can not “account” for a lack of this “Confidence” talent, just that the you will have less wiggle room.

If you’re not dominant in the talent, Confidence:

  • Seek feedback from trusted advisors about your abilities and how you can conquer your business challenges.
  • Join up with others who can bolster and shore up your confidence void. Not just pump you up but promote your business.
  • Seek out and partner with people who can compliment your talents and abilities. Find someone, or two, that “complete” you.
  • Look for reasons to win. Find a HUGE “why” and keep those things in front of you ALWAYS!

Next up… Creative Thinker

I hope you are enjoying this series so far. As I said before, I believe that Gallup is so on-target with these 10 Entrepreneurial Talents. I speak about them publicly every time I get an opportunity to get in front of an audience.

Will you please share this series with someone who might benefit from Gallups work here? I really appreciate that!

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