9 Must Know Tips for Military Transition

I recently saw an article entitled, “Thank You For Your Military Service — Now Here Are 9 Reasons Why I Won’t Hire You”.9 Transition Tips

This is such a great article for anyone planning on military transition to pursue a career in the civilian marketplace.  If you are transitioning or considering transitioning in the future, please read the entire article here, if not please pass this on to someone you know who is in this situation.  This is some of the best advice that I have seen out there.

I will probably cover some of these points in an “Unplugged” episode of the Lead Like a Marine Podcast.

The 9 reasons:

  1. You Can’t (or Won’t) Accept That You’re Starting Over
  2. You Believe You’re Unique (Just Like Every Other Transitioning Person That Day)
  3. Your Resume Is Longer Than the CEO of Our Company’s (or Shorter Than a Recent College Graduate’s)
  4. You Didn’t Proofread Your Resume
  5. You Don’t Have a LinkedIn Profile (Or, Even Worse, It’s Not Complete)
  6. You Think Social Media Is For Kids or Sharing War Stories
  7. You Didn’t Prepare For The Interview
  8. You Wrote a Thank You Note (But Only to Say Thank You)
  9. You Don’t Know What You Want to Do

Read the article!

If you are transitioning or are planning on transitioning, please tune in to the Lead Like a Marine Podcast, where we interview those who have successfully transitioned.  Great stories of lessons learned and tips and tricks to help make transition less hectic.  Please listen in and pass the link along to others who are proudly serving out great country.