2 Simple Steps to Winning

3 Simple Steps to Winning

We were all born to win and we all deserve to win. Did you know that there’s a system that will put you ahead of the game? If you truly want to win at anything you do… The “winning” system requires 3 simple steps.

I spent the past week in a training room with 22 other prospective Ziglar Legacy Trainers. We were a diverse group from all walks of life. The US was well represented but we also had an international contingent from Poland, South Africa, The United Kingdom and Singapore.

The week started out with great anticipation of what was to come. I had no specific preconceived expectations for this training. All I knew was that I have always had huge respect for Zig Ziglar and was confident that if his name was on it, it would be transformational. And it was!

The purpose of this week long course was to become certified as a Ziglar Legacy Trainer. We were there to learn about the specific training courses that we would be able to offer. But we got, or at least I got, so much more than that.

The walls of the Ziglar Training Center are full of pictures and articles and awards dedicated to the late great Zig Ziglar. I felt like I was in the inner sanctum, a hallowed place. This was the space recently occupied by a man I respected and admired greatly. It was surreal. I felt honored to be there.

I learned three things about winning in my personal and professional life from Zig Ziglar during this training.

I guess I have always had confidence in my ability to WIN in my professional life. The evidence was there as I have had some great things happen to me that the would would probably qualify as “success.” However, I realized that I had taken the process for granted.

The Process for Winning

Zig taught that there is a process for winning; a system for winning. I never really thought about that before. I had always just applied brute force and plowed through until I finally won. I did it the hard way. How about you?

The winning process has three parts; Plan to win, Prepare to win and Expect to win.

Plan to Win

Planning to win requires a clear vision of what you want. Out of that clear vision comes the goals which must be set. Goals are our targets. Goals are the only thing that we can actually measure to see how we are progressing.

A clear vision, a clear picture in your mind is critical and it spawns desire. Without a burning desire fueled by a clear vision our goals will fade into oblivion like so many “New Years Resolutions.”

The last part of planning is ensuring that our plans are mounted on a solid foundation. Zig taught that there are six elements or personal qualities that are critical to the foundation of all success. They are: honesty, character, faith, integrity, love and loyalty. Without all six of these qualities we are on shaky ground and success will either never come or if it does, it will be short lived.

Prepare to Win

Preparing to win refers to equipping yourself to win. This is accomplished by using the proper tools, acquiring the right knowledge and seeking the necessary support required to move your clear vision and strong desire forward.

Zig says that equipping and preparing requires 5 things.

  1. The right knowledge.
  2. Continually raising your personal bar.
  3. The right tools to help you work better and faster.
  4. Practicing your skills.
  5. The positive influence of others.

These five elements are required in your gym bag. You must have them with you and use them to become the best version of yourself possible.

Early in my professional career I understood the importance of seeking knowledge and positive association. I reluctantly and thankfully became a reader. Today I try to read at least one book per week. It is part of my training regimen as I continue to prepare to win.

Expect to Win

The third part of Zig’s system for winning is… expect to win. He says that if you have already planned to win and prepared to win, it stands to reason that you can EXPECT to win. Sounds logical to me. How about you?

There is a certain power in positive expectation. When you feel prepared and you know you have planned well, you tend to have an expectation for a positive outcome. That expectation heaps coal on your burning desire. It’s kind of like a flywheel, once it gets cranked up it creates momentum & you’re on your way forward.

Zig says, “Desire is the mother of motivation because that is where your motivation is born. Properly planning and preparing heightens your expectations, which fuels your desire and drives you to become even more motivated.”

Plan to win, prepare to win and then expect to win.

It sounds easy. I would bet that if you looked back at the times in your life where you WON; you experienced some success, you would be able to pick out these three elements which led you to victory.

As I reflect back I can see it in my life. The planning and preparing were anemic in the early days but the expectation was there. Early expectation in my life was probably due to the positive attitude I got from my father. He always expected more out of me than I ever believed possible. He was usually right.

Don’t overestimate the process and don’t under estimate the reward.

“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.” – Zig Ziglar