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21 Laws That Everyone in Leadership Must Obey

Recently John C Maxwell was named by as  #1, in the “Top 50 Leadership and Management Experts“.  John has written more than 60 books and according to Amazon has sold over 19 Million copies.  He is an internationally recognized expert and speaker on the subject of Leadership.

21 Irrefutable Leadership Laws

One of his best known and most widely read books is The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.  I believe that every leader out there needs to be familiar with this book and these 21 “Laws”… and you can be by either picking up a copy of the book for yourself or staying tuned right here on OneBoldMove as I summarize and opine on each of them. in a series I call, “21 Laws That Every Leader Must Obey”.

I have been reading and studying and following John C  Maxwell for years now.  I have seen him speak and have met him in person several times.  In 2011 I joined the John Maxwell Team as a “founding member”.  The JMT is an organization commissioned by John  to carry out his leadership legacy, by producing and inspiring leaders who produce and inspire new leaders.

The John Maxwell Team

The JMT trains coaches, trainers and speakers with John’s curriculum among others to go out and keep John’s dream alive.  John believes that “Leadership is Influence”, nothing more and nothing less and that “everything” rises and falls on leadership.

2 Things; “Laws” and “Irrefutable”

The 21 laws that follow are many things… but there is no doubt that there are two things about them that make them so critical.

  • Number one; they are “Laws”, not suggestions.  They are not just 21 good ideas, they are laws that have and will work in any organization where they are implemented.
  • Number two; they are “Irrefutable”.  You can argue with until the sun goes down, but these laws work, they are iron-clad, and they are “irrefutable”.

I will list the 21 laws here and then come back and provide a link as the articles are published:

  1. The Law of the Lid – Leadership ability determines a person’s level of effectiveness.
  2. The Law of Influence – The true measure of Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.
  3. The Law of Process – Leaders develop daily, not in a day.
  4. The Law of Navigation – Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a Leader to chart the course.
  5. The Law of Addition – Leaders add value by serving others.
  6. The Law of Solid Ground – Trust is the foundation of Leadership.
  7. The Law of Respect – People naturally follow Leaders stronger than themselves.
  8. The Law of Intuition – Leaders evaluate everything with a Leadership bias.
  9. The Law of Magnetism – You are who you attract.
  10. The Law of Connection – Leaders touch a heart before they ask for a hand.
  11. The Law of the Inner Circle – A Leaders potential is determined by those closest to him.
  12. The Law of Empowerment – Only secure Leaders give power to others.
  13. The Law of Reproduction – It takes a Leader to raise up a Leader.
  14. The Law of Buy-In – People buy into the Leader, then the vision.
  15. The Law of Victory – Leaders Find a Way for the team to win.
  16. The Law of the Big Mo – Momentum is the Leader’s best friend.
  17. The Law of Priorities – Leaders understand that activity is not necessarily accomplishment.
  18. The Law of Sacrifice – A Leader must give up to go up.
  19. The Law of Timing – When to Lead is as important as what to do and where to go.
  20. The Law of Explosive Growth – To add growth, Lead followers, to multiply, Lead Leaders.
  21. The Law of Legacy –  A Leader’s lasting value is measured by succession.

There they are.  Let’s dig into them one-by-one and learn how to apply these leadership laws in daily life… in business and at home.

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